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Programs Offered

Architecture and Drafting

This is a two-year program that teaches students how to produce workable drawings on the drawing board and with a computer-aided design (CAD) program. Upon completion, students can pursue continued education in architecture or an entry-level drafting position.

Automotive Service Technician

This two-year program provides students with an overview of the auto service industry. Students will be prepared for continuing education or employment upon successful completion of coursework. Topics and skills taught include but are not limited to engine and transmission repair, an introduction to electrical/electronic information, shop safety, diagnostics, and customer service.

Construction and Carpentry

The Construction program is a two-year course that introduces students to fundamentals of construction safety, tools, math, and blueprint reading, as well as basic carpentry, electrical, masonry, and plumbing skills. In Year 2, the Carpentry course consists of an in-depth study of basic safety, construction math, materials, wall, ceiling, and roof framing; windows and doors; and construction essentials.

Precision Machining

This two-year program includes orientation and leadership, basic safety, math, measuring tools and instruments, blueprints, hand and power tools, lathe theory and operation milling, machine theory and operation, and grinding operations. This course includes advanced precision machining techniques in lathing, vertical milling, and computer numerical control (CNC).

Culinary Arts

This two-year program emphasizes the real-world, hands-on practice of culinary foundations and food preparation, safety, and sanitation. Mastery of the competencies listed in this unit will prepare the student to take the NRA’s ServSafe exam to become ServSafe Food Safety certified. While they participate in on-the-job training, students will use skills related to management and business concepts, customer communication, and customer service.

Early Childhood Education

This two-year program prepares students for further education or a career in the field of early childhood education. Topics covered focus on child development, health, safety, and providing quality care focusing on ages 3 through 5 years. Students gain hands-on childcare experience at our Hawks Nest.

Health Sciences

In this two-year program students are introduced to theory and practical applications of tasks related to employment in the field of health science. Students will cover topics such as safety in the workplace, infection control, health care systems, and the vital organs of the human body. The course offers insight into careers in health care as well as educational requirements and the professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities involved. Students will learn topics such as human growth and development, health informatics, information technology, and therapeutic and rehabilitative services. Other topics include medical and emergency services, mental health, and pharmacological and nursing services.

Educator Preparation

Ed Prep is a two-year program where students gain foundation competencies related to students as learners, planning and assessing teaching, teaching strategies, and communication skills. Students receive hands-on field experiences and coursework relevant to pursuing a career in the field of K-12 education.

Polymer Science

In this two-year program students learn computer applications relevant to polymer science. They are also introduced to chemistry concepts and the structures and properties of polymers. This course also teaches processing techniques associated with polymers as well as the methods and benefits of plastics recycling. Students explore job opportunities that are available for individuals in this area. It also teaches job application and workplace skills as well as offers a potential for job shadowing.

Law and Public Safety

This two-year program focuses on the history of law and legal systems in the United States. Students will learn the importance of personal health and safety in the work environments associated with law and public safety. They will also be introduced to the emergency services found in local communities. Additionally, students will focus on corrections in the state of Mississippi, studying specifically how jails and prisons function. The course offers students the opportunity to examine all areas of the military and the professions associated with each. Additionally, students will learn about emergency management and workplace skills and will have meaningful, relevant job-shadowing experiences with professionals.


This two-year program focuses on the NCCER Learning Series Core and SMAW. Students will leave the class with a firm foundation of knowledge in the areas of employability skills, safety, and basic tool knowledge. Also, students will learn Oxyfuel Cutting fundamentals. Students will cover proper equipment setup, safety measures, and correct welding techniques. This course focuses on specialized welding symbols used in blueprints and drawings as well as PAC, CAC, and advanced techniques used in SMAW. Additionally, this course will offer students the opportunity to examine GMAW and FCAW. Students will also learn about GTAW.


This two-year program teaches students the history of engineering and the careers associated with the field. The students will also learn the foundations and fundamentals of engineering and materials, as well as the engineering design process and the steps one follows for successful design planning. Additionally, students are introduced to the advanced concepts of 3-D sketching and modeling with CAD software. The course introduces students to the field of robotics in engineering. It also focuses on several fields of engineering specialization. This comprehensive course also focuses on the following four systems: electrical, fluid, mechanical, and thermal. It introduces students to flexible manufacturing systems, or how robotics and drafting work together to create products.

Work Based Learning

This is a one year program that gives students WBL experiences, which provide training for students to practice and improve nontechnical skills, including dependability and working with others.

Exploring Computer Science

ECS is a survey course that introduces students to the breadth of the computer science field. The course lays a foundation in problem solving, critical thinking, and algorithmic development and then introduces students to the basics of Web development, programming, robotics, data science, and artificial intelligence.

Smart Start Pathways

This semester long dual credit course prepares students for college and/or career. Upon successful completion, students will earn the National Career Readiness Certificate, which demonstrates to employers the student has the foundational skills required for success in the workplace.

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