Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Applications (STEM)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Applications (STEM)                 Grades 9-12 

Instructors: Sarah Elliot and Jeff Hopgood                                                                               1 Credit

Prerequisite: None

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Applications will serve as an introductory course with the primary focus on applied math and science leading to pre‐engineering skills. This course is designed for all levels of students with a technology base in automated design that is used not only in engineering but also in design courses for the arts. Students will learn problem‐solving skills and self‐awareness skills as they learn about human service careers. Each unit will utilize data collection, statistical analysis, and research skills. Students will have hands‐on knowledge, using math and science skills to design a variety of projects in several career clusters. Students will complete their career pathway, Individualized Career Academic Plan (iCAP).

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