Career Pathway Experience (CPE)

Career Pathway Experience (CPE)                                                    Grades 11-12

Instructor: Dana Garrett                                                                       2 Credits per year

Enrollment Requirements: Completed CPE Application on file, interview with instructor and furnish own transportation for employment.

Essential elements of CPE are work-site training, training agreements, training plans, screening of students, employment/internship, monitoring the field experience, and program accountability evaluations.

The intent of this program is for students to be actively involved in their Career Pathway. In order to maintain eligibility for this program, each student will be expected to follow the guidelines of the Career Pathway he or she is participating in. Students will maintain employment/internship on a continuous basis for the time they are enrolled in the class in order to maintain good standing in CPE.

CPE instructor will meet with students at various times.  There will be face to face meetings and/or online modules in Canvas to complete each week of the course.

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