Career Tech Student Services

Career Tech Student Services
Instructor: Natalie Entriken

Location: Resource Learning Lab
Special Populations program is a federally funded program which provides remediation to students in career and technical classes. The program was established to benefit six categories of students:
1) Individuals with disabilities
2) Individuals from economically disadvantaged families, including foster children
3) Individuals preparing for nontraditional fields
4) Displaced homemakers
5) Individuals with limited English proficiency
6) Single parents, including single pregnant women
Special populations’ services focus on recruitment, enrollment, instruction, retention, completion, placement and follow-up of special populations preparing for high skill, high wage occupations and/or nontraditional employment in new and emerging careers. The goal of this program is to build the skills and confidence, needed by these students, to become successful individuals after leaving high school, whether they choose to go to college or straight into the workplace. Hyperlinks, she someone to do my homework for me continued, integrate the functions of a dictionary and a thesaurus.