Teacher Of The Year

Hancock County Career Technical Center Teacher of the Year

2016-2017 Sarah Elliot, STEM Instructor

2015-2016 Mike Gaudin, STEM Instructor

2014-2015 Jan Jarrell, Teacher Academy Instructor

2013-2014 Andy Perniciaro, STEM Instructor

2012-2013 Joel Myrick, Polymer Science Instructor

2011-2012 Chevis Necaise, Welding Instructor

2010-2011 Daryl Ladner, Drafting Instructor

2009-2010 Woody Pearce, Vocational Counselor

2008-2009 Sandra Cole, Cooperative Education Coordinator

2007-2008 Tony Adams, Automotive Instructor

2006-2007 Belinda Pearce, Special Populations Coordinator

2005-2006 Charles Thomas, Building Trades Instructor

2004-2005 Lady Bruce, Lodging and Hospitality Instructor

2003-2004 Jeanie Ballard, Culinary Arts Instructor

2002-2003 Woody Pearce, Vocational Counselor

2001-2002 Sandra Cole, Cooperative Education Coordinator

2000-2001 Carl Bardwell, Special Populations Coordinator

1999-2000 Susan Shaw, Allied Health Instructor

1998-1999 Sondra Adams, Child Care Instructor

1997-1998 Daryl Ladner, Drafting Instructor

1996-1997 None Listed

1995-1996 Jan Jarrell, Business and Computer Technology Instructor

1994-1995 Dr. Rick Saucier, Diversified Technology Instructor

1993-1994 Sondra Adams, Child Care Instructor

1992-1993 Reggie Ladner, Metal Trades Instructor